From product to Persona.

Embrace the true power of all your data. Break through the limitations of traditional data strategies. With Rayn, you can directly create and monetise AI-powered Media personas based on your products.


We augment your existing data and connect it to almost 1700 variables, with attributes so granular that they can translate into a key Marketing persona. That is the Persona you can monetise on and outside of your properties.

  • Embrace the power of synthetic data.

    Make data work for you.

Meet Rayn Air and Rayn Aurora to start today.

Meet Rayn Air and Rayn Aurora to start today.

Meet Rayn Air and Rayn Aurora to start today.

Embrace Data Augmentation and Synthetic data.

The true future-proof way to make your data work for you.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for the cookieless world. Experimenting with alternative solutions puts you in a strong competitive position. Data Augmentation and Synthetic data are not just buzz words. They can power real scalable online media use cases. Here is how.

Synthetic data

You no longer need to share your data. Instead, you can synthesize it, by keeping only relevant connections and removing all sensitive and personal information. Rayn enables you to do that with AI-powered Personas.

Data Augmentation

Choose your own desired level of accuracy. Your Personas can match any percentage of your targeting needs. It’s all up to you.