Meet Rayn Aurora.

All the efforts and resources you spend on defining your Marketing personas get lost when you try to align your media efforts. Until Now. With Rayn, you can directly activate your Marketing personas based on scalable media attributes.


We create almost 1700 variables, with attributes so granular that they can translate into your key Marketing persona. 

Create your own Media persona here at no cost!

  • Unlock Scale in a Cookieless World.

    Connect Marketing Personas to AI-Powered Media Personas.


Harness the power of Data Augmentation & Synthetic data.

The true future-proof way to make addressability work in a cookieless world.

Rayn found a way to create relevant data sets to enable addressability in a cookieless world. We did that by becoming experts on predictions. We predict  at scale and we do it transparently.

Confidence Score

Every prediction we make has a confidence score for you to evaluate. The higher the confidence score, the more deterministic your data becomes.

You have control

Choose your own desired level of accuracy. Your Personas can match any percentage of your targeting needs. It’s all up to you.